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Cookies policy

2021 January 30 is the property of Rensel Digital SRL. By using this site, you, as a User, acknowledge and agree to the contents of this document.

Rensel Digital SRL understands the scope and consequences established by EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) as well as related legislation on personal data protection and is committed to protecting your rights and freedoms in order to process them safely and in accordance with all legal obligations.

We collect and use cookies in full compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("General Data Protection Regulation" or "GDPR"), Directive 2002/58 / EC (E-privacy Directive) as well as related national legislation (Law 190 / 2018, Law no. 506/2004). You can find more details on the protection of personal data in the Privacy Policy.

Through this Cookies Policy we want to inform you in a transparent manner about how we collect and use cookies when you interact with us through our website.

1. What are cookies?
A cookie (also known as a "browser cookie" or "HTTP cookie" or "Internet cookie") is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, that will be stored on a computer, mobile terminal or other equipment of a user from whom the internet is accessed. Cookies are installed if the navigation on the site is accepted, being a link between the browser user and the website.

Cookies are not viruses. These files do not contain code, which is why they cannot be executed, nor can they access other files or folders on your computer. Cookies may, however, be used for negative purposes as they store information about user's preferences and browsing history, both on a particular website and on other websites, cookies can be used as a form of Spyware. Many anti-spyware products are aware of this and constantly mark cookies for deletion in anti-virus / anti-spyware deletion / scanning procedures.

As a user, you can configure your browser to reject cookies. You can also set your browser to block cookies or display a warning notification before a cookie is stored on your computer. Disabling and refusing to receive cookies may make certain sections / pages impractical or difficult to visit.

When visiting for the first time, you will be invited to accept or decline cookies. Your option will be saved by a cookie, but you can change your option at any time in the settings. The purpose is to allow the site to retain your preferences for a certain period of time. This way, you do not have to re-enter this data when browsing the site during the same visit.

2. Used cookies
Our site mainly uses external cookies. In order to view certain pages, you may also need to accept cookies from external organizations.

We can use 3 types of cookies, for:
- ensures the good operation of the site
- store your preferences
- collect analytical data (about your behavior)

2.1 The necessary (operational) cookies help to make a site usable by activating basic functions, such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the site. The site cannot function properly without these cookies. For this reason, they do not require your consent. Operational cookies represent:
- authentication cookies
- technical cookies required for certain computer systems

Name Supplier Scope Expiration date Type Country
laravel_session Used to save the User's language preferences. 1 day HTTP Romania
XSRF-TOKEN Used for User Protection. 1 day HTTP Romania
oc_cookie Used to save the User's cookies preferences. 1 year HTTP Romania

2.2 Statistical cookies are used by us exclusively for internal research, in order to improve the service we offer to all our users. They evaluate how you interact with our site as an anonymous user (the data collected does not personally identify you). However, when collected by third parties, they may be used by them for their own purposes. You are free to refuse these types of cookies when you access the first page.

Name Supplier Scope Expiration date Type Country
_ga Used by Google Analytics. Records a unique ID used to generate statistics about how the visitor uses the site. 2 years HTTP Romania
_gat Used by Google Analytics. Records a unique ID used to generate statistics about how the visitor uses the site. 1 day HTTP Romania
_gid Used by Google Analytics. Records a unique ID used to generate statistics about how the visitor uses the site. 1 day HTTP Romania
oc_cookie__statistics Used to save the User's statistical cookies preferences. 1 year HTTP Romania

2.3 Marketing cookies are used to track users from one site to another. The intent is to show relevant and engaging ads to individual users, so they are more valuable to advertisers and third-party advertisers.

Name Supplier Scope Expiration date Type Country
ads/ga-audiences Used by Google AdWords to reactivate visitors who are expected to turn into customers based on their online behavior. Session end Pixel US
oc_cookie__marketing Used to save the User's marketing cookies preferences. 1 year HTTP Romania

2.4 Unclassified cookies are cookies in the process of being classified, together with individual cookie providers.

3. Third Party Cookie Modules
As noted in the Cookies list, this site does not use cookies from third parties. If used, the current policy will be adapted accordingly.

Our site has integrated links to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Accessing these pages is done by opening a new window in the browser, with reference to our pages, from which moment the legal rules applicable to these platforms apply. Thus, they do not collect cookies through our site. More details on LinkedIn and Facebook's privacy policy can be found here and here, respectively.

Although our website may contain links to other web pages, Rensel Digital SRL is not responsible for information protection strategies or for the content of other web pages.

4. Use of Cookies on
Some of the cookies used by this site are mandatory, which means that, in their absence, this site may not function properly. For the other cookies, users are free to accept or not their use, by checking a box, without consequences on the accessibility of the site.

Any use of cookies or other tracking tools by this site or by the owners of third party services used by this site serves the purpose of providing the service requested by the user under optimal conditions, in addition to any other purposes described in this document and in Personal data protection policy.

5. Cookie management
As a user of the site, you can manage / delete cookies as you wish:

5.1. Delete cookies from your device
You can delete all cookies that are already on your device by deleting your browser's browsing history. The operation will delete all cookies from all the sites you have visited.

This means, however, that you may lose some saved information (for example, saved login data or site preferences). If you encounter difficulties in managing the Cookies on our site, you can contact us at any time at

5.2. Management of specific cookies of a specific site
For more detailed control over site-specific cookies, check the privacy settings and cookie settings in the browser you use:
- Microsoft Windows Explorer
- Apple Safari
- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox

5.3. Blocking cookies
On most modern browsers, you can prevent all cookies from being placed on your device. However, this may mean that you will need to set certain preferences manually each time you visit a site / page. Some services and features may not work properly (for example, connecting to a specific profile).

6. Changes to this Cookies Policy
Rensel Digital SRL reserves the right to make changes to this Cookies Policy at any time by notifying its Users on this page and, possibly, on this site and / or - as far as technically and legally possible - sending a notification to users through any contact information available to us. It is strongly recommended that you check this page frequently, referring to the date of the last change listed under the title.

If the changes affect the processing activities performed based on the User's consent, we will collect a new consent from the User, if necessary.

7. Tips for safe and responsible browsing based on cookies
Due to their flexibility and the fact that most of the most visited websites, including the largest ones, use cookies, they are almost inevitable. Disabling cookies will not allow the user to access the most common and used sites, including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo and others.

Here are some tips to help you navigate without worries, but with the help of cookies:
- customize your browser settings for cookies to reflect a comfortable level of security for you to use cookies;
- if you do not mind cookies and you are the only person using the computer, you can set long expiration dates for storing your browsing history and personal access data;
- if you share access to your computer, you can consider adjusting your browser to clear individual browsing data each time you close your browser. This is an option to access the websites that place cookies and to delete any visit information, at the end of the browsing session;
- install and constantly update your antispyware applications. Many of the spyware detection and prevention applications include site attack detection. This prevents the browser from accessing websites that could exploit browser vulnerabilities or download malicious software;
- make sure your browser is always up to date. Many cookie-based attacks are exploited by exploiting the weaknesses of older versions of browsers.

Cookies are everywhere and cannot be avoided if you want to enjoy access to the best and largest sites on the Internet - local or international. With a clear understanding of how they operate and the benefits they bring, you can take the necessary security measures so that you can surf the Internet with confidence.

8. Contact
We are always open to hearing your views and to provide you with any additional information you may need regarding the processing of your data. If you have any questions regarding the content of this document or wish to exercise your rights, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at address